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Whether you require an affordable single-day solution, or you need reliable investment for long-term use, EPS-Doublet has a variety of barrier and crowd control options to suit every application and budget. We offer both rental and purchase options on barricades, and a wide range of color, printing and durability alternatives within our printed fencing line.



EPS-Doublet’s Securistar barricades offer safe, secure and durable crowd control. The unique design of our barricades overcomes the toughest terrain challenges with secure linkage and leveling, preventing damage and unwanted disassembly by a crowd. Storage and transportation costs are also reduced thanks to the innovative square stacking capability. Securistar steel barricades are ideal for festivals and fairs, concerts and events, traffic flow and security check points, and are a favorite of law enforcement agencies across the country.


87″  X  41″


One of EPS-Doublet’s newest offerings, the patent-pending Elite Slanted steel barricades provide both excellent crowd control as well as a truly unique aesthetic and strong promotional potential. The innovative slant allows for enhanced visibility of event and sponsor identities, and also serves as an exceptional excitement-building opportunity. The premium rigid substrates used to cover the barricades make for an extremely durable (and noisy) vehicle on which crowds may pound in their anticipation of approaching racers or stage-bound acts. Elite Slanted barricades are constructed of steel, powder coated in white, and are available for both barricade rental or purchase, depending on quantity.


92″  X  49.5″