Caesarstone Color Pop Up Tour Exterior
Caesarstone Color Pop Up Tour Interior
RTD Pop Up Exterior
RTD Pop Up Interior
Sobe Spring Break Houseboat
Sobe Spring Break Houseboat Interior
Custom Mobile Promotion Structure

Pop Up Shops

Why a pop up store? Modern savvy consumers, desensitized to traditional advertising approaches, need to meet and experience your brand, your product, in person. Understandably not every business can support the storefronts to achieve that, especially small businesses or those who currently have a solely online presence. Enter the concept of pop up retail and marketing events. Temporary pop-up structures or aesthetic redesigns of existing interior spaces allow marketers and retailers to get face-to-face with consumers within a limited, budget-friendly amount of time, from a few days to a few months. This brief window of opportunity for consumers can even create a sense of urgency and drive up interactions even further.

EPS-Doublet’s in-house design, fabrication, installation and full service event management teams have the capabilities and creativity to produce unique, attention-drawing pop up events from concept to completion and every step in between. Whether your project requires 3D renderings and custom metal fabrication, vendor contract negotiations and permitting, a giant inflatable LED-lit dome or a repurposed shipping container, EPS-Doublet is your one-stop resource for successful pop up events across the country.

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Check out a time lapse video of one of our pop up installations here.