Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banners: Economy

Also known in the industry as roll-up banner stands, our economy priced offering of retractable banner stands provides a high-impact solution for trade show booths, retail promotions, sales presentations and general indoor display in commercial spaces. Retractable banner stands are ideal for multiple and repeat use as the banner is contained within the base for ease in portability and protection of the graphic while traveling.




An EPS-Doublet top seller, this anodized aluminum frame includes pull pins making it ideal for repeated use at multiple events. Available in silver. Comes with padded carry case.



33.5″  x  78.75″

All-In-One Instruction

All-in-One Digital Template

All-in-One Screenprint Template



Blade LX features a gunmetal anodized body with cast chrome end plates, roller access via a flip-top lid and a removable self-locking graphic roller mechanism. The quick change graphic slider and adjustable feet on the base are useful on uneven floors. Available in gunmetal.


33.5″  x  83.25″

Blade LX Digital Template



Quick and simple to use, the Orient combines elegance with excellent value. The Orient can be used as either a single or double-sided display, with dual retractor mechanisms to allow you to present two graphics back to back. Available in anodized silver or black. Padded carry bag is included.


Orient 800 (1 or 2) – 31.5″  x  83.25″

Orient 800 Digital Template

Orient 920 (1 or 2) – 35.5″  x  83.25″

Orient 920 Digital Template

Orient 1000 (1 or 2) – 39.25″  x  83.25″

Orient 1000 Digital Template



Contender offers a variety of sizes and sturdy construction with a swivel-out foot, sleek styling and a height of up to 106″ with an optional 4th pole. Available in silver or black (Monster is black only). Carry bag included.



Contender Mini – 23.5″  x  77.5″

Contender Mini Digital Template

Contender Standard – 29.5″  x  77.5″

Contender Standard Digital Template

Contender Mega – 40″  x  77.5″

Contender Mega Digital Template

Contender Monster – 47.5″  x  77.5″

Contender Monster Digital Template



Available in two scales, the Breeze retractable tabletop banner stand is a great attention getter and makes an effective promotional give away. Available in silver.



8.375″  x  13″

Breeze Table Top Small Digital

11″  x  17″

Breeze Table Top Large Digital