Retractable Banners: Premium

Also known in the industry as roll-up banner stands, our premium offering of retractable banner stands provides a high-impact solution for trade show booths, retail promotions, sales presentations and general indoor display in commercial spaces. Retractable banner stands are ideal for multiple and repeat use as the banner is contained within the base for ease in portability and protection of the graphic while traveling.




The Alligator offers a frameless image display in a retractable banner stand; the viewer can see the message and none of the hardware. Precision engineered retraction system provides smoother, more reliable operation. Change out graphics effortlessly. 50W low voltage halogen 60 degree flood lamp included.


33.5″  x  32.75″  (94.5″)

47.25″  x  32.75″  (94.5″)

Alligator Digital Templates



QuickScreen 1 set the standard for retractable banner stands. The compact shape and timeless design allows the QuickScreen 1 to fit into almost every environment. Features adhesive profile for quick and simple graphic mounting and foldable support foot to ensure stability. Available in black and silver.


33.5″  x  78.75″

39.5″  x  85.75″



Available in seven different colors, choose a color to match your image. Its attractive and unique design adds an extra dimension of exclusivity, which thereby strengthens the impact of your message. Graphic can easily be replaced by a new one with a patented removable cassette. The new telescopic pole allows for flexibility in the height of your message. Comes with nylon bag.


26″  x  88.5″



Barracuda is a premium, single-sided roller banner. Features include a graphic tensioner, quick change graphic system and telescopic poll, which conveniently stores in the base of the unit. Available in anodized silver or black. EVA molded carrying case is included.


31.5″  x  29.5″  (83.25″)

Barracuda Digital Template



Excalibur is a premium, double-sided banner stand with a sleek new design, graphic tensioner, integrated pole storage and quick change graphic system. Available in silver. Comes complete with EVA molded carrying case.



31.5″  x  29.5″  (83.25″)

Excalibur Digital Template



Advance is a premium, double-sided cassette banner that can be used as a single or double-sided unit. Features include a ratchet graphic tensioner, simple drop-in cassette housing and anti-skid strips along the base. Available in silver. EVA molded carrying case is included.


31.5″  x  29.5″  (83.25″)

Advance Double Sided Template



A cost-effective, robust retractable display with a streamlined design. With its compact shape and two scales it fits in almost any environment. It has a telescopic pole, allowing for easy height adjustment, and is equipped with a foldable support foot to ensure stability.


33.5″  x  63″  (88.5″)

39.5″  x  63″  (88.5″)



The MediaScreen 2 is an indoor, dual-sided retractable display that may be set up in just 30 seconds. The MediaScreen 2 is ideal for environments where people will be passing the display on either side. Use the opportunity to display the same message on both sides or show two separate messages.


33.5″  x  78.75″

39.5″  x  86.5″



A retractable display that makes changing your graphics quick and easy. MediaScreen 4 is a suitable choice when you need to change your image often or wish to vary between different images in your display. Your marketing becomes more cost-effective since you control the graphic elements. Patented design allows for simple in-field graphic replacement.


33.5″  x  63″  (88.5″)

39.5″  x  63″  (88.5″)



An extra-wide, extra tall retractable display, MediaScreen XL can easily be combined to create a large backdrop, using patented magnetic connectors located on the sides of the bases.



39.5″  x  78.75″  (118.25″)

47.25″  x  78.75″  (118.25″)