Telescopic Bannerstands

Telescopic Banners

Offering exceptional versatility and value, telescopic banner stands allow for display of multiple graphic sizes with just one stand. The telescopic pole may be adjusted to accommodate banners suited for trade show booths or table top scale display, all in the same stand.




A well crafted tripod banner stand that is very stable, quick and easy to erect. Dash is manufactured of anodized aluminum and is available as a single or double-sided unit. Carry bag is included.



Dash 1 (single side) –  31.5″  x  78.5″

Dash 2 (double side) –  31.5″  x  78.5″

Dash Mega 1 (single side) – 36″  x  93.5″

Dash Mega 2 (double side) –  36″  x  93.5″



The UNO banner stand features black powder coated all-aluminum construction and can be used with a Velcro acceptable fabric panel. Available in three popular widths. All kits include a carry bag with graphic storage.


UNO Standard – 31.5″  x  34.5″  (85.5″)

UNO Mega – 35.5″  x  34.5″  (85.5″)

UNO Monster – 48″  x  34.5″  (85.5″)



This versatile system can be used as a single or double sided unit and the dual telescopic poles (horizontal and vertical) allow the user to present banner graphics in a range of sizes. Available with silver or black finish.



Pegasus – 52.5″  x  36.5″  (96″)

Pegasus Mini – 27.5″   x  36.5″  (96″)



Lightweight and economical, basic non-retractable display that combines function with cost effectiveness. It is ideal when larger number of displays are required for product launches and short-term in-store marketing campaigns. Nylon carry bag is included.


33.5″  x  78.75″



The Sprint is a portable banner stand with a telescopic pole that can reach heights between 6.5 and 16.5 feet. The Sprint is available with a single or double sided display, and can hold rigid, flexible, or fabric graphics.



Graphic Widths – 23.5″, 31.5″, 39.5″ or 47.25″

Sprint 2 – 10.25″ feet (three footed base)

Sprint 3 – 12.25″ feet (three footed base)

Sprint 5 – 23.75″ feet (three footed base)