BannerFlex D3 Double Mount
BannerFlex Metro
BannerFlex -D3
BannerFlex JR Double Mount

Light Pole Banners

Street Pole advertising in a strategic location, including shopping centers, office parks, universities and high volume traffic thoroughfares, offers constant, repetitive exposure that ensures your product or event is noticed by your target audience on a daily basis. Double sided display panels can also allow for specific directional messaging, bringing a unique and contemporary feel to commercial street scenes.



The patented original BannerFlex D3 bracket has endured the test of time to become the benchmark of the banner hardware industry. D3 is the bracket of choice for standard utility and light pole installation. D3 bracket arms can be adjusted without moving the main casting or can be removed altogether and replaced with flag or flower pot holders.




In response to demands from customers in high-wind areas, we have introduced the revolutionary BannerFlex Airow Premium rod. The milled and tapered fiberglass rod allows the Airow to deliver measurably higher wind-force reduction than any other bracket system. The BannerFlex Airow Premium is rated to withstand winds up to 100 mph.




The newest BannerFlex bracket in response to requests for a smaller adjustable bracket to fit mid-sized banners on fluted and ornamental poles. Metropolitan areas often present aesthetic and engineering challenges which the streamlined Metro banner bracket solves. Enjoy all the benefits of the larger BannerFlex D3, including guaranteed strength and adjustability.




The one-piece BannerFlex Jr is ideal for banners of 24″ x 48″ dimensions or smaller that will be displayed on smaller diameter poles. Screw-gear bands allow for easy installation and adjustment, time after time. Cast from the same strong heat treated aluminum as the larger BannerFlex models, the Jr delivers comparative strength and performance.