Stretch 60
Stretch 80
Stretch Tent Interior
Stretch 60 Red
Linked Stretch Tents Accommodate 1000 Guests
Branded Stretch Tent
Gutter System
Red Stretch with Sides Down
Stretch 30 Patio
Stretch 50
Stretch 30

Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents from EPS-Doublet are a radical innovation in the tenting industry, available for both purchase or rental programs. The unique 100% waterproof stretch fabric and modular design means their capacity for transformation and reinvention of space is unbeatable. Larger tents can have sides up or down. Poles can be repositioned to accommodate greater head counts and create different shapes. Tents can be wrapped around trees, rocks and walls and can be erected with or without poles. Different size tents can be joined to form larger structures, and a specially designed “gutter” system ensures a waterproof  join. Stretch Tents can be printed and branded, set up anywhere, and are simply the most dynamic eventing tool on the market today. Standard colors include white, black, red, gray and chino (tan). Custom colors may be provided with a minimum canopy order of 5,000 square feet.


Stretch Tent Brochure

Stretch Tent Est. Freight Dimensions

Stretch 20

Uses: smaller venues and back yards

Accommodates: 15 seated, 20 standing

Weight: 60 lbs including bag

Setup: 1 rigger, 45 minutes


19.75′  x  16.5′  (6m x 5m)


Stretch 30

Uses: private patios, festivals and food tents, DJ booths

Accommodates: 27 seated, 40 standing

Weight: 111 lbs including bag

Setup: 2 riggers, 2 hours


29.5′  x  19.75′  (9m x 6m)


Stretch 40

Uses: cocktail bar, VIP area

Accommodates: 54 seated, 70 standing

Weight: 210 lbs including bag

Setup: 3 riggers, 1 hour


39.5′  x  29.5′  (12m x 9m)


Stretch 50

Uses: wedding ceremony, small to medium reception, VIP lounge

Accommodates: 90 seated, 120 standing

Weight: 353 lbs including bag

Setup: 3 riggers, 2 hours


49.25′  x  39.5′  (15m x 12m)


Stretch 60

Uses: medium sized weddings, corporate events

Accommodates: 135 seated, 180 standing

Weight: 518 lbs including bag

Setup: 4 riggers, 1.5 hours


59′  x  49.25′  (18m x 15m)


Stretch 80

Uses: large weddings and sit down functions, events with staging

Accommodates: 225 seated, 300 standing

Weight: 860 lbs including bag

Setup: 4 riggers, 2 hours


82′  x  59′  (25m x 18m)